RESRG Abstracts

The RESRG Workshop provides an opportunity for members of our research group, as well as students and colleagues, to present works in progress in a variety of workshops and other public and collaborative fora.

July 27, 2016

Si Chen (Natural Resources Management) “Economic and Ecological Trade-Off Analysis of Forest Ecosystems” (video abstract)

Brandon Cordeiro (History) “Nuclear Waste, Northern Ontario, and the Metabolic Rift” (video abstract)

Dan Duckert (Natural Resources Management) “Don’t Pimp My Land” (video abstract)

April 8, 2016

RESRG Graduate Student Conference Program 2016 (with abstracts)

March 10, 2016

Globalization at the Margins: RESRG Workshop #1 (March 10, 2016) – abstracts

Jan. 14, 2015

International Development Week Abstracts 2015

 Nov. 28, 2015

Amanda Hutter, “Indigenous Led Evaluations of Ecosystem Services Through Nbish Ehkinomahgi: The Teachings of Water That Bring Us Back to Our Relationship With Land”