RESRG Graduate Conference Poster (April 8, 2016)


The Resources, Economy and Society Research Group (RESRG) invites graduate students to present their research on questions of economic, environmental, and sociopolitical development, and problems associated with sustainability. This student led conference asks how systems of power and control foster unequal exchanges, and what can be done to promote equality in society, the economy, and resource extraction.

Conference Format:

Student researchers from multiple specialties will have a welcoming space to present 15 minute abstracts of their research to peers in a low-pressure environment. No formal conference experience is required; prepared power-points are suitable, as are presented excerpts of written material. All are welcome, particularly those interested in pursuing graduate studies or seeking additional ideas for their own prospective projects. Finally, all those who participate in this conference will have the guaranteed option of publishing their finalized paper on the RESRG website, under the Working Papers section.

Application Requirements

Please submit a 250 word abstract of your research to either of the contact addresses below by March 25th, along with a brief personal biography. The format below would satisfy this requirement:

I am (Name), a (Year) (Program) student in the (Department) department. The focus of my studies are (Topic and Themes).

This is a unique opportunity to share your work, network, brainstorm with fellow student researchers, and to meet experts and educators from various disciplines.

Opportunity To Publish

Students who present their work at this conference will be invited to submit their papers to our Working Papers series. Papers will be peer reviewed, and if they are recommended for publication, will be published after undergoing any necessary revisions.

RESRG grad conference poster